Made entirely by hand, this barn wood table has a presence that brings you back to the pioneering days. It’s easy to understand why this is one of our customer favorites. It’s just as much a piece of art as it is a practical piece of furniture. It comes in four different sizes, starting with a length of 60 inches.

Because of the limited supply of genuine barn wood, we can’t guarantee that these prices will last indefinitely. We start off with a price tag of $1495 for this beautiful, solid, table. We would be happy to give you a quote for your custom-made table, just give us a call.

Benches can be added for seating, and nicely complements this table.

Additionally, we offer coffee tables and end tables in the Colorado design.


Although the frame and legs on this table are made from steel, this custom construction is specifically made just for your table. This table has that rustic feel that gives your home the unique atmosphere that only a piece like this can give. We guarantee that this table will be that center of attention you’re looking for.

As with the Colorado, we can’t promise these prices will last indefinitely because of the sparse supply of barn wood, so make sure you call in your order today! The starting price for this amazing table is $1479. It comes in four different sizes starting with a length of 60 inches.

We also offer coffee tables and end tables in the California design.


Our beautiful, solidly made, barn wood picture frames come in various sizes – currently in four designs, as pictured here. Designs include the “vintage”, “décor”, “standard”, or “frame with trim”.  All frames come with 4” mouldings as a decorative feature.

Each frame comes with glass, foam board backing material, a wire hanger, and stamped ‘Minnesota Made, Handcrafted Genuine Barnwood’. The most popular sizes are 8×10”, 11×14”, 12×12”, and 16×20”. For these frame sizes, prices range from $29 to $58. If you start by selecting your picture surface size, such as an 8×10”, the 4” mouldings would fall outside of that measurement.

We would be happy to give you a quote for your custom frame. Additional sizes are available upon request. We are constantly adding new designs to our line, just give us a call.

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