1. Where Our Product Originates

Our materials are sourced from reclaimed Minnesota barn structures.  Found on the sides of most barns, the weathered, grey barn boards are naturally weathered through exposure to elements such as sun, rain, heat and cold, each one helping the natural aging process.  This beautiful process can only happen by nature!

The color of the wood can vary from light silver to a darker grey, etc.  Additionally, the beautiful characteristics of these reclaimed materials such as nail holes, markings, knot structure and varied texture only adds to its charm.

2. Find Reclaimed Barn Wood 

To assist you in all aspects of your building experience, our shop seeks to find a good mix of random widths and lengths of planks, which adds to the authentic look and feel of the finished product. We check planks for and remove nails and excess dirt. We cull the material pile for the straightest pieces. Because reclaimed materials get exposed to the weather, we avoid warped pieces. We sight down the edge and look for a curve in either direction.  If planks are slightly cupped or twisted, the planks are then processed through the planer, stripping a small amount of wood from the bottom side of top slab as we plane.

3. Build Table Top Structure

Once we have your pattern established, we cut all the pieces. Getting the first board right is the hardest, so we spend a little extra time ensuring it is aligned.

We use a special adhesive across the top of the planks. Next we carefully lay the top down and attach pipe clamps.  Then we tighten each pipe clamp. Once the top is dry, we remove the clamps and use a light sanding process to remove any unwanted particles.

4. Assemble Table

We attach all four legs to the slab.  Legs are set to be adjustable, and can easily be removed for transport.  At delivery, the table legs are attached and can be leveled on whatever type of flooring the table is set upon.

5. Add Final Finish to the Table

We will prep the wood in order to add the final finish to the table. The table can now be stained, and a lacquer finish applied with several coats of finish over the course of several days to fully saturate the wood grain.  Here is this table complete, with our satisfied customer’s experience and is stated in their commentary below.

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