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The heart of our story is exciting!

Morgan Thulin says, “it’s with a ‘grateful heart’ I welcome you to our new orchardtables.com.  Since taking over this business, Orchard Tables holds a special place in my heart for sure, as it is my passion to be making something beautiful for you, one piece of furniture, table, or frame at a time!”

Perhaps, it was Morgan’s parents that were eager to teach and to help him understand the beauty of nature, and to develop his passion for working with his hands; building houses, doing carpentry work, and developing his skills and craftsmanship in these areas.  Today, Morgan is a skilled artisan and master craftsman, with beautiful workmanship displayed in his products.

Morgan says, “it began with my Dad helping me to find the perfect trees to start to build my first home, in Sweden.  My wife, Helene, and I had recently been married and we needed a home.  With limited resources, my Dad said, ‘Morgan, why don’t you build a house, here on this property that I own, and I will help you to seek out the most suitable trees on the lot for building.  I will teach you how to cut timber, take it to the local saw mill for processing, and help teach you how to construct the house.’  “Wow! That seemed like a big job, but a challenge I was willing to accept with my Dad’s prompting and encouragement.  It was a beautiful house built with lots of love and served us well in the early years.”

“As if we weren’t through with exploring our pioneering days, our last house in Sweden, before moving and immigrating to the USA, was to live in an interesting old log home.  This log home had been originally built in the 1700s, and then around 1836, it was determined that the log house could no longer remain in its current location, so, with lots of effort it had to be moved, over a period of time – piece by piece – by horse drawn wagon. Each log was tagged for reassembly at its new site.  When reassembled, the old log home had to sit and ‘adjust into place’, but finally was made beautiful and complete once again.  It was an amazing experience to live in such a home!”

Morgan believes in a deep love for family, and has had exciting experiences as married and in bringing up four children. The whole family is also very gifted musically.  In fact, their travels have brought them singing and playing various musical instruments throughout Scandinavia and the USA. Today, Morgan and Helene are still singing.  This powerful duo brings a new touch to familiar hymns and songs with their simple, but unique sound.  If you are interested, please check out this website http://thulinfamily.com

As you can probably tell by now, restoration and building are some of Morgan’s core principles.  Over the years, this has been demonstrated in many ways, such as by his outreach to the local community as a residential contractor.

With his kids now grown – all of which are in the music business – Morgan and Helene currently reside in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Our mission is to reimagine ways to build a more fulfilling and lasting community through using reclaimed materials.  To accomplish this, it’s ideal to make use of wood salvaged from old barns.

We are building an authentic and ecologically-friendly product here in Minnesota through restoration and reuse of existing materials. We are committed to using the power of business to create a better world through our platform and the communities we serve.

As we grow, commitment to our mission remains at the core of our identity and principles. It’s woven into the fabric of who we are and in the decisions we make every day.  As a family-owned business, our mission is to provide affordable, quality custom-made products to enhance your home and office.  What better way to do this than through making tables, picture frames, etc. out of wood that creates the natural warmth of barn wood and made entirely by hand.  While bringing you back to the pioneering days, the combination of the skill level of our craftsmen, our fresh designs, and the rich character of barn wood, it results in beautiful, rustic furniture, embracing unique elements of style relevant in today’s marketplace.

Orchard Tables is a marketplace where people can connect online through a personalized shopping experience to find these unique products. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our great customer service team if you have any questions or comments at info@orchardtables.com.  We appreciate you all!

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